Anthony Roy

Specializing in complex procurement delivery and contract negotiations, Anthony offers 20+ years of executive level experience in both the private and public sector with an extensive business and financial background.

Elite Consulting Services

Deliberate Action

Cognition Consulting Services LTD. (Cognition) provides management consulting and project management consulting services, primarily, but not exclusively, in the information technology area. Founded in 2005, our ambition is to assist our clients in achieving project and program implementation success. Cognition provides senior project management and management consulting services only - we do not provide direct IT technical services and retain no staff in this area.

Project Management Services:
The Provision of seniors project management staff and supporting project analysts and administrative staff.
    Project review and Audit services.
    PMO services
Management Consulting Services:
Program initiation and development services to assist clients in defining new program and service offerings; establishing program mandates; and the development of program and organizational strategy.
Our Team represents over 175 years of collective experience in the IT industry, including such roles as Vice-President for international IT services firms, Provincial Government Program Directors, Senior Project Managers ,Senior Sales Executive and many others.
Caliber of Projects
To illustrate the type of projects that Cognition routinely undertakes, let us provide an overview of some of our recent engagements. As a team of senior consultants, we are proud of our work and, in particular, the concrete benefits that our unique approach delivers to our clients. The projects cited here range in value from $25 million to over $150 million.